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Togliatti State University is one of the largest universities of the Volga Region and a key higher education institution of Togliatti.   

TSU is a modern university preparing highly qualified professionals for leading national and international companies, research and development centres, automotive industries, chemical and energy plants, etc.

Currently, over 12,000 students study in 11 institutes including about 300 international students fr om 15 countries of the world. More than 100 professors and doctors of sciences together with 450 associate professors and PhDs ensure high-quality of education for more than 100 educational programmes. The University also offers 57 Master's programmes and other postgraduate programmes which allow to obtain a PhD and a doctorate in physical and mathematical sciences, engineering sciences, and pedagogical sciences. Key institutes provide extensive English language courses for their students. All education courses and programmes are developed according to the requirements of the international professional standards, which gives TSU graduates multiple opportunities on the employment market.

Quality of education at the university has received numerous awards and acknowledgments.

TSU won the Russian Government Award for Quality (2009) and a special prize - “Recognition of Business Perfection” of the CIS Award for delivering quality products and services. In 2013, Togliatti State University successfully passed the State Accreditation and confirmed its status as a university for the next 6 years.

Research and development, as well as innovations are one of the TSU keystone interests. The University received three mega-grants from the Russian Government for realisation of the projects created and developed within the frames of Regulations No 219 and No220 dated 9 April 2010.The university also houses 26 small innovative enterprises, as well as Research and Development Institute of Advanced Technologies.

TSU provides different clubs and societies for its students - dance, vocal, music, theatre, sport clubs and sections. Young people studying at Togliatti State University also take part and organize various university and city festivals, concerts, exhibitions, performances, social events and others.

Our Partners

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Student Life

Socialising between classes and at the end of a day is as much a part of the university life as studying. Clubs and societies are a great way for students to meet those who share their interests or enthusiasm for a particular academic subject, hobby or activity.

TSU is the place wh ere talented and active young people can explore and realise their potential by participating in extracurricular activities: 25 creative workshops, clubs, student societies, 15 sports teams, as well as various festivals, corporate events, art contests, volunteering and social events, and sport competitions. The Sharonov’s Jewelry Design School and “Formula Student TSU” projects are known worldwide.

Over its 65-year history, Togliatti State University has established many traditions: an alumni festival “Student Autumn”, a beauty contest “Miss University”, a singing  contest and festival “Singing University” and “TSU Student Spring”, sports competition “Aerobic Show”, volleyball festival, and others. One of the brightest and most impressive events is the procession of the university graduates along the central streets of the city, after the diploma awards ceremony. The Russian Student Day is celebrated on January 25 annually, when all students and professors drink mead and burn a scarecrow impersonating of all the stressed exams.

The University Centre of Physical Education and Sports offers training programmes in basketball, football, swimming, volleyball, aerobics, and athletic gymnastics. Several gyms, football fields, outdoor tracks, basketball and volleyball courts, well equipped sports centres and a swimming pool are available for both training and leisure time.

The local suburb area has unrivalled facilities and perfect close-at-hand locations for many outdoor activities, such as sailing, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and mountaineering. The university offers free access to a wide range of excellent indoor and outdoor facilities in order to support personal development and enhance well-being of its students and staff.

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445020, г. Тольятти,
ул. Белорусская, 14,
главный корпус ТГУ,
холл первого этажа


На автобусах:
на автобусах № 2, 7, 13, 73 (остановка "ТГУ")
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на маршрутных такси № 91, 93, 96, 114, 310, 314, 328
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ул. К.Маркса, д. 108., телефон 8 (8464) 98-33-11.

445350, ул. Мира д. 22, телефон 8 (8486) 22-36-46.

443068, ул. Луначарского 12, телефон 8 (846) 334-72-12.